Friday, February 19, 2010

gimme a Y gimme an O gimme a U

This blog is going to be about your best fashion accessory: yourself.  You can add all the make-up, hairspray, bracelets, nail polish, etc. you want.....but when it comes down to it, if you don't feel good about yourself, there isn't anything that will make you look good to yourself.  So.  I have struggled in the past with something millions of people struggle with everyday---my weight.  Not just my weight, but how I feel it holds me back from being my most confident all the time, and even fully enjoying a fun shopping day with friends.  And let's not even think about a bathing suit (omg! omg! omg! shake it out! delete! delete! omgomgomg!!!)  I feel like any and every time I have started to diet one of the real reasons I don't stick with it is because of when I begin---normally, it's in October.  So I lose about 10-12lbs before the holidays.  I give up the fight during Thanksgiving and that will last until the New Year.  I don't normally start seeing a gain, though, until the end of I have tricked myself into thinking I am not gaining anything because I don't see it immediately upon inhaling the 10th Christmas cookie.  But then February sneaks up on me.....

I am taking a new approach and if you are wanting to get on board with me, PLEASE DO!  Summer is exactly 17 weeks away from this coming Monday.  Summer--you know--when you want to be in cute shorts and little dresses and wear bright, fun colors.  We have gotten through the hardest part of the year for a dieter, so why not get going now?  17 weeks is a decent amount of time, but it will get here quicker than you goal is to have 20 pounds gone.  I don't want to just be stylin' this summer, but super stylin!  However, it is more about feeling good about myself and taking control.  The cute clothes are just a bonus ;)

So here, for all the foxin world to see, are my stats:

height: very nearly 5ft6                                    
weight: 183.8
chest: 41 inches
waist: 35.5 inches
hips: 45 inches
jean size: 14

This will not be a blog focus, but at the end of each of my posts for the next 17 weeks, I will let you know, in my own foxy way, if I passed or failed for the week. My goals are to eat healthy (think Weight Watchers), and to do one of my many pilates DVDs 4 times a week. I will enjoy my last 2 days of eating without thinking, but come Monday it's ON!

I have my reward outfit already picked out so that by the first day of summer, I can be super stylin....LIKE A FOX! -------->

photo taken 2/18/2010


  1. Sounds like a wonderful plan! Best wishes for success! I need to do something too... Its getting closer to pool time and even though we live in the country I don't want to be caught in a swimsuit right now! lol

    Take Care,

  2. Love you!!! I want in too...not sure about postin my stats are BRAVE!!! XO Geeky!!!

  3. I agree - you are brave! But that's great and I'd like to say I'll join you too! We'll see... :-)

    Good luck to all of you!

  4. Mon,

    I'll join you, but can we create a separate thread or a post on a specific page ... something that is conducive to sharing pounds lost, tips, workouts and recipes?

  5. I could do a blog on or something. Or if you want to do it on here, that's OK, too.

  6. join our even page on fb!/event.php?eid=331831136024

    check in with on weekly with updates and progress!

  7. I am so thankful for all the support and that people want to get on board with me! Today is day one, so good luck, everybody! We will all be super stylin by summer!

    ~Stylin Fox :)