Friday, March 19, 2010

Rules? What Rules?

Can you list 3 things your mother ALWAYS told you to do before going to bed?

Mine--put your dirty clothes away, lay out clothes for the next morning, WASH YOUR FACE

Why, as a teenager, that last rule was so hard I will never understand or even attempt to explain.  -sigh- But it was.  The turning point for me was when I was watching the Today Show one morning and there was a woman who looked to be in her early sixties, but later was revealed she was in her LATE 80'S!!!!  Madness, I say!  She swore by washing her face with simple soap and water every night and morning and using Oil of Olay lotion.  Since then, I coat my face in the stuff every night.  I wash my face at night by first using the Oil of Olay face cloths followed by the wonderful world of Proactiv's 3 step system, and ending it all with that O of O face lotion.  Unfortunately I cannot get away with just soap and water, but everyone has their own routine of what works best for their skin. 

According to betty confidential, Jennifer Aniston relies on simple Neutrogena soap.  Queen Latifah?  Baking soda!!  Both, of course, are foxes (although I find Jennifer a tad over-rated.....) and who wouldn't love to have their glowing skin?  Proactiv has been endorsed by the likes of Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry, Alyssa Milano, Julianne Hough....even P. Diddy, hello?!  I love their green tea moisturizer, but I still use my Oil of Olay....I can't get the picture of that woman on the Today Show out of my head all these years later.  She was foxy!

Something to just keep in mind after coming in from a late night out and all you want to do is crash: for every night you don't wash the make up off your face, it ages your skin A WEEK!!!!!!  Ugh!  So simple, simple rules for young, healthy, glowing, foxy skin?  Wash your face with some kind of "soap and water" regimen (whether it be facial cloths, cleanser, gel, foam, etc), use a toner to remove excess make-up, and mois-tur-ize.  Even if your skin is oily it still needs some love....just make sure you find an oil-free moisturizer.  Nothin says wrinkles like dry skin.  Also, try and find one with an SPF of at least 15 and DON'T bake yourself in the sun.  Sun damage is not only non-foxy, but it's a killer!  I'll get into self-tanners on another Friday....

Until then, take super care of your face, and Stay a fox!

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