Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Food Revolution!!

I am super excited about a new TV series on ABC called "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" the first episode airs on Friday March 26 at 9pm.  Click Here to watch the trailer.

In the series, Jamie goes to Huntington, West Virginia. Recently Huntington was named the unhealthiest city in America. He is on a mission to try and help Huntington off that list. In doing this he is hoping to start a chain reaction that ultimately makes positive changes across the country.  Needless to say he meets resistance in Huntington from locals who disagree with him.  But is also welcomed by some of the young population.  

Jamie says, "The time is right for people to rediscover the sense of pride, satisfaction and fun you can get from cooking for the people you love. There's an incredible community in Huntington, and I want this experience to be a celebration of what we can achieve when people come together. I want to prove that turning around the epidemic of obesity and bad health doesn't have to be boring or dull in the slightest. Wonderful stories will unfold in Huntington, and hopefully this will inspire the rest of the States."

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Below I have copied some facts from Jamie's webpage.  It is a harsh reality.

Obesity and Overweight 

 Two-thirds  of  American  adults  weigh  too  much.
 More than 27%  are  obese. That’s  72 million  people.  In the worst  states, Mississippi, Alabama, West    
         Virginia and Tennessee, that figure rises to over 30%.
 If  rates continue to rise, in just five years’  time, by 2015, 40%  of  Americans   will  be  obese.  

 Obese  people  suffer  from  poore health  including  heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  

 Obesity accounts for nearly  10%  of  all  medical  costs   this  amounts  to  $14 billion  annually.

 Healthcare  costs  are  42%  higher   for  someone  who  is  obese - that’s over  $1,400  each.  

 Medicare  spends  $600  more  on  prescription  drugs  for  an  obese  person. 

Childhood Obesity 

 Nearly  one  in  three  (32%,  23 million)  American children are obese  or  overweight. 

 In total,  17%  of  kids   of all  ages are obese,  but  this  rises  to  over  25%  in  all  but  three  states for kids    
 aged  10-17. 

 Most  obese children (over 80%)  will  also  be  obese  as  adults. 

 Today’s generation  of children are predicted to  be  the  first  to die  before  their  parents,  due  to      
 obesity-related bad  health.


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