Friday, January 29, 2010


There are three important aspects to having FOXY hair: 1- a great cut by a fantastic stylist  2- fabulous color by a fantastic stylist (no box color! and if you are blessed with awesome natural color...ask about a glosser to add shine for up to 4 weeks) 3- the proper product for your personal hair type.

If you already have #s 1 and 2 and notice you are still having  hair issues at home, maybe your product is to blame.  Not everyone can use a pomade.  You may want to leave out that leave-in.  Here are this fox's basic rules for common hair issues:

If your hair is curly, you need moisture moisture moisture!  My curly clients prefer a curl cream to a curl spray....less crunch.  My personal faves are Bed Head Foxy Curls (foxy!) and Catwalk Curls Rock.

If your hair is straight and you like volume, you don't need much moisture...but you don't want to dry out your hair, either.  L'Oreal Professional Volume Extreme is GREAT!  It adds volume without drying out your hair as is common with volume shampoos.  Need lift at the root?  Joico Body Luxe Root Lift is fantastic!  Spray at the root and round brush to new heights! 

If you use a flat iron on a regular basis (hello, you everyday hotties), a thermal protectant is a MUST!  Save your ends!  Chi Iron Guard is great as it's not overly oily.  Just spray on your ends as you section off an area to flat iron and you will notice smoothness and shine.

Speaking of shine, if you have thin OR thick hair and just need to add some gloss without adding the grease, Kenra shine spray will be your new BFF.  It's a fine mist that fights frizz and fly-aways, and smells (get this) just like an orange julius (aahhh....) It's my official POW (Product Of the Week)

Always use as directed and remember: salon products are guaranteed only when sold in a salon.  You invest in your hair with every trip to your stylist, so invest to stay stylin....LIKE A FOX!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meet the Foxes!!!

Who are we? Well, we are a group of woman... but mostly friends who want to share our talents with the world!!! We believe in doing things for ourselves, supporting each other, and mostly SHARING THE LOVE!!! Let us introduce ourselves!

Hi! I'm DeAndra...and I'm *Crafty Like A Fox*

I'm a blog stalker.  It's a problem I have.  Everyday I find new ideas and inspiration that keep my craft studio buzzing.  I took the handmade pledge a year ago and never looked back.  Got a birthday coming up?  You better believe I'm going to make you something!  I have a little shop called Pink Checkers Design.   I'll be blogging about awesome craft tutorials and cool tips and tricks on how to unleash your inner crafter. 

Hi! Im Desiree...and well..I'm *Geeky Like A Fox*

I like to blog, build websites, and create things on my PC! I have a little business called iheartsmiles and I make TONS of really cute things! I'm also a mom to a wild and crazy-fun little boy who is 1 year old! He keeps me on my toes! I love being a mommy and wife! I'll be blogging about cool things you can find online and techy geeky stuff!!!

Hi! Im Becca...and I'm *Crunchy Like A Fox*

I'm a pretty fun chick who loves to listen to good music and hang with cool people. I'm a wife and mommy. I run a cool blog called Handy Mother where I give awesome tips and tricks on how to add a little green to your life! I love cloth diapering, anything organic, making things,and keeping our earth the way it should be...GREEN! I'll be blogging about all things crunchy!

Hi! I'm SB and I'm *Savvy Like A Fox*

As my household's main "domestic engineer/goddess", mommy of three boys, and small business owner (Sarabee's Little Yarn Shop) I love to find great deals for my family.  Be it a great way to save a few bucks on everyday must haves, a more efficient and time saving way of doing a daily task or a fabulous way to get organized... I'll share it here!

Hi! I'm Monica...and I'm *Stylin Like A Fox*

 I am a master hairstylist in Winchester, KY. I am a graduate of Lexington Beauty College and work at Uniquely U Salon and have been doing hair for about 5 years. I have always loved playing with hair (dolls, friends....) and I love to find the latest trends as well as bring the past into the present! I have a love for the dramatic, and I guess that partly comes from my love of acting. I was a theatre major in college at Western Kentucky University, which was where I also got some hands-on up style training from formal dances with my Alpha Gamma Delta sisters! I LOVE: false lashes, black liquid eyeliner, red lipstick, razor cuts, chignons, peek-a-boo color, and classic glamour. I DISLOVE: no mascara, too much blush, aquanet, chipped nail polish, perms, and, of course, split ends.

Check back soon for our daily posts for our FAB FOXES!!!
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